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Day 3- A Picture of your Least Favorite Champion

This motherfucker right here. AP Yi’s have become incredibly popular lately and they’re just a tremendous pain in the ass. Alpha Strike - Meditate - quadra kill. 
Everyone that I have encountered who plays Yi are always spam all chat about how great they are and call everyone noobs. But really, how hard is it to press one button? Yi’s seem to be some of the worst players I’ve ever seen, but because they play the easiest champion in the game they get away with it. 

I also really hate Sion. Well, playing against Sion. He’s stupidly hard to kill and if he builds AP his stun is brutal. Luckily you don’t see him played as often as Yi, otherwise I’d probably scratch my eyes out in frustration

Not to mention both of their ingame art is dreadful. They’re both in dire need of a facelift.

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